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We are recruiting new driving instructors, from all over Australia, everyday!

Please check our website often as it is continually being updated.

To search for a driving instructor, select the licence class you are interested in learning below:

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 Bus & Coach Authority Training
 Heavy Rigid (HR)
 Car Licence (C)
 High Performance
 Crane licence, (check type)
 Instructor Training
 Dangerous Goods
 Light Rigid (LR)
 Earth Moving Equipment
 Medium Rigid (MR)
 Fork Lift Vehicles
 Forklift Courses
 Multi Combo (MC)
 Heavy Combo (HC)
 Taxi Licence

 How do I choose a good driving instructor?

Not all driving instructors are the same and in fact many instructors are in the profession for all the wrong reasons. Good driving instructors have genuine pride in their standard and how they present themselves to you the customer.

They will be polite, courteous and reliable. Driver training will be structured to help you learn quickly and safely enabling you to take and pass the driving test as soon as possible.

Look for a driving instructor who offers a proper course plan with evidence of a structure and method to the tuition. All forms of teaching are more effective if they are organized. Do not be afraid to ask questions of a driving instructor of how you will be taught, good instructors will be pleased to tell you.

SchoolsOn have listed a large variety of driving schools and driving instructors to provide driving lessons for beginners to advanced, across all classes of licence.

So please, learn to drive today, and remember, “Life is in the Living”

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