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For easy reference, we have listed key information from the relevant licensing bodies in each state. We strongly suggest you take the time to digest the information provided by the state authority in which you will be gaining your licence.

RTA - Roads & Traffic Authority (click here)

A guide for new drivers (click here)
This Guide has been produced to assist new drivers, their parents and tutors to understand the new licensing scheme and the special conditions that apply to new drivers in New South Wales.

Getting a Licence (click here)
All the information you will require, including fees, motor registry locations and the latest rules & regulations.

Road Users Handbook (click here)
The Road Users Handbook explains the main rules which apply to all road users and must be read and understood if you want to hold a driver licence in NSW. Available in more than 10 languages.

MotorCycle Riders Handbook (click here)
Driver Knowledge Test Questions and relevant RTA publications for study

Heavy Vehicle Drivers Handbook (click here)
This handbook has been written to help you understand the special rules and regulations that apply to you and your heavy vehicle. You should read this as well as the Road Users' Handbook.

Vic Roads (click here)

Learners & New Drivers (click here)
This section of the site is designed to assist in providing basic information on obtaining your learners permit and learning to drive while on your permit.

Motorcyclists (click here)

Heavy Vehicles (click here)
VicRoads is responsible for the investigation, development and monitoring of road freight transport policies for commercial vehicles to facilitate their safe and efficient operation, whilst minimising their impact on the environment. Commercial vehicles are heavy vehicles with a mass over 4.5 tonne, including trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, cranes and oversize/overmass vehicles. Various information pertaining to these responsibilities is available from the website.

Transport SA (click here)
Drivers Licence Information (click here)
MotorBike Licence (click here)

Licensing Services WA (click here)

Learner Drivers (click here)
There are various steps involved in getting your WA Drivers Licence. You will required to develop your knowledge of the road rules, your driving skills and safe driving habits. By accessing the website you can gain information about the process and undertake practice theory tests to assist you in preparing to get your learners permit.

Driving Skills (click here)
List the requirements for Light & Heavy Vehicle, and multi-combination licenses.

Queensland Transport (click here)

Licensing & Registration (click here)
The Queensland licensing scheme has adopted the national approach to create safe and proficient drivers and riders.

The Queensland graduated licensing system reflects the need for novice drivers and riders to improve their driving skills and develop acceptable driving behaviour and practices, under learner or provisional licence, before being able to upgrade to an open licence.
Q-Ride Motorcycle Licence (click here)
Q-RIDE is a competency based training and assessment scheme which is designed to ensure participants continue their training until they can demonstrate they are competent motorbike riders.
The aim of Q-RIDE is to improve road safety for motorbike learner riders in Queensland. Q-RIDE supports identified rider education and safety strategies by improving the quality of pre-licence rider training.

Transport Tasmania (click here)

Licence Information (click here)
From this page you will be able to access information and guidelines on different types of licences, how to get a licence, what to do if you have lost your licence, any information you may need to provide when applying for a licence including any fees that may occur.

Roads Transport ACT (click here)

Learner & Provisional Drivers (click here)
Payment details and information on the requirements to obtain a learner licence in the Australian Capital Territory

Licensing (click here)
Learners Licence (click here)

Driver Training and Licencing (click here) In the Northern Territory, novice drivers are encouraged to take advantage of the NT Driver Training and Licensing (DTAL) program where available.

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