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Instructors Urgently Needed

We have prospective students who have registered interest for instructors in the areas listed below. If you satisfy this criteria, register your business and the prospects will automatically be emailed your details.

Please Note:
Students have typically nominated a particular suburb in which they need a teacher, but the requests have
been grouped together by region for 'ease of display'.

StudentsLicence ClassState/Region
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingACT
3Car Licence (C)ACT
1Crane licence, (check type)ACT
2Earth Moving EquipmentACT
2Fork Lift VehiclesACT
2Forklift CoursesACT
1Light Rigid (LR)ACT
25Car Licence (C)ACT/Canberra
3Crane licence, (check type)ACT/Canberra
2Earth Moving EquipmentACT/Canberra
1Fork Lift VehiclesACT/Canberra
3Forklift CoursesACT/Canberra
1Heavy Combo (HC)ACT/Canberra
2Heavy Rigid (HR)ACT/Canberra
1Light Rigid (LR)ACT/Canberra
2Medium Rigid (MR)ACT/Canberra
2Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW
8Car Licence (C)NSW
10Crane licence, (check type)NSW
3Earth Moving EquipmentNSW
4Fork Lift VehiclesNSW
7Forklift CoursesNSW
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW
3Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW
2Light Rigid (LR)NSW
6Medium Rigid (MR)NSW
2Taxi LicenceNSW
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Albury
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Albury
1Car Licence (C)NSW/Bathurst
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Bathurst
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Bathurst
1Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Bathurst
1Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Bega
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Blue Mountains
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Blue Mountains
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Broken Hill
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Broken Hill
15Car Licence (C)NSW/Campbelltown
2Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Campbelltown
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Campbelltown
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Campbelltown
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Campbelltown
4Instructor TrainingNSW/Campbelltown
2Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Campbelltown
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Central Coast
1Car Licence (C)NSW/Central Coast
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Central Coast
2Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Central Coast
1Forklift CoursesNSW/Central Coast
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Central Coast
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Central Coast
1Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Central Coast
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Cooma
1Car Licence (C)NSW/Dubbo
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Dubbo
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Dubbo
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Dubbo
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Goulburn
1Fork Lift VehiclesNSW/Goulburn
1Forklift CoursesNSW/Goulburn
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Goulburn
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Kempsey
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Kempsey
7Car Licence (C)NSW/Lismore
2Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Lismore
1Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Lismore
5Car Licence (C)NSW/Mid North Coast
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Mid North Coast
1Car Licence (C)NSW/Muswellbrook
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Newcastle
1Car Licence (C)NSW/Newcastle
3Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Newcastle
1Fork Lift VehiclesNSW/Newcastle
1Forklift CoursesNSW/Newcastle
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Newcastle
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Newcastle
1Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Newcastle
1Car Licence (C)NSW/North Coast
2Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/North Coast
3Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/North Coast
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Nowra
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Nowra
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Nowra
2Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Nowra
1Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Nowra
5Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Parramatta
48Car Licence (C)NSW/Parramatta
6Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Parramatta
2Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Parramatta
4Fork Lift VehiclesNSW/Parramatta
4Forklift CoursesNSW/Parramatta
8Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Parramatta
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Parramatta
3Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Parramatta
4Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Parramatta
1Multi Combo (MC)NSW/Parramatta
3Taxi LicenceNSW/Parramatta
4Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Penrith
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Penrith
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Penrith
3Forklift CoursesNSW/Penrith
5Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Penrith
1High PerformanceNSW/Penrith
2Instructor TrainingNSW/Penrith
2Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Penrith
1Taxi LicenceNSW/Penrith
1Car Licence (C)NSW/Port Macquarie
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Port Macquarie
1Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Port Macquarie
2Car Licence (C)NSW/Southern Highlands
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Southern Highlands
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Southern Highlands
2Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Southern Highlands
4Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Sydney
10Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney
11Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney
1Dangerous GoodsNSW/Sydney
3Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Sydney
3Fork Lift VehiclesNSW/Sydney
16Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Sydney
10Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney
3Instructor TrainingNSW/Sydney
2Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney
9Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney
8Taxi LicenceNSW/Sydney
10Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - East
2Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - East
2Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney - East
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Sydney - East
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - East
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Sydney - East
1Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - East
3Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - East
2MotorcycleNSW/Sydney - East
4Taxi LicenceNSW/Sydney - East
3Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Sydney - Inner West
6Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - Inner West
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - Inner West
6Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Sydney - Inner West
4Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney - Inner West
10Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - Inner West
3Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - Inner West
1Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - Inner West
2MotorcycleNSW/Sydney - Inner West
1Taxi LicenceNSW/Sydney - Inner West
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Sydney - North
7Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - North
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - North
2Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Sydney - North
1Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney - North
2Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Sydney - North
6Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - North
1High PerformanceNSW/Sydney - North
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Sydney - North
3Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - North
5Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - North
2MotorcycleNSW/Sydney - North
2Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Sydney - NorthWest
25Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - NorthWest
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - NorthWest
2Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Sydney - NorthWest
1Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney - NorthWest
8Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - NorthWest
3Instructor TrainingNSW/Sydney - NorthWest
1Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - NorthWest
3Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - NorthWest
1MotorcycleNSW/Sydney - NorthWest
1Multi Combo (MC)NSW/Sydney - NorthWest
19Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - South
4Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - South
2Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Sydney - South
1Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Sydney - South
4Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - South
1Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - South
3Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - South
1Taxi LicenceNSW/Sydney - South
6Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Sydney - SouthWest
27Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - SouthWest
2Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - SouthWest
1Fork Lift VehiclesNSW/Sydney - SouthWest
2Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney - SouthWest
4Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - SouthWest
1Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - SouthWest
4Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - SouthWest
1MotorcycleNSW/Sydney - SouthWest
2Multi Combo (MC)NSW/Sydney - SouthWest
1Taxi LicenceNSW/Sydney - SouthWest
6Bus & Coach Authority TrainingNSW/Sydney - West
14Car Licence (C)NSW/Sydney - West
3Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Sydney - West
4Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Sydney - West
2Fork Lift VehiclesNSW/Sydney - West
9Forklift CoursesNSW/Sydney - West
2Heavy Combo (HC)NSW/Sydney - West
9Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Sydney - West
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Sydney - West
4Light Rigid (LR)NSW/Sydney - West
11Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Sydney - West
2Multi Combo (MC)NSW/Sydney - West
4Taxi LicenceNSW/Sydney - West
3Car Licence (C)NSW/Tamworth
1Forklift CoursesNSW/Tamworth
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Tamworth
3Car Licence (C)NSW/Wagga Wagga
1Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Wagga Wagga
6Car Licence (C)NSW/Windsor
1Earth Moving EquipmentNSW/Windsor
2Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Windsor
8Car Licence (C)NSW/Wollongong
3Crane licence, (check type)NSW/Wollongong
2Forklift CoursesNSW/Wollongong
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NSW/Wollongong
1Instructor TrainingNSW/Wollongong
3Medium Rigid (MR)NSW/Wollongong
1Heavy Rigid (HR)NT
4Car Licence (C)NT/Darwin/NT
3Crane licence, (check type)NT/Darwin/NT
7Earth Moving EquipmentNT/Darwin/NT
2Fork Lift VehiclesNT/Darwin/NT
3Forklift CoursesNT/Darwin/NT
1Heavy Combo (HC)NT/Darwin/NT
3Heavy Rigid (HR)NT/Darwin/NT
3Taxi LicenceNT/Darwin/NT
5Car Licence (C)QLD
3Crane licence, (check type)QLD
1Fork Lift VehiclesQLD
1Forklift CoursesQLD
1Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD
6Car Licence (C)QLD/Beaudesert
1Crane licence, (check type)QLD/Beaudesert
1Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Beaudesert
2Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Beaudesert
10Bus & Coach Authority TrainingQLD/Brisbane
8Car Licence (C)QLD/Brisbane
10Crane licence, (check type)QLD/Brisbane
2Fork Lift VehiclesQLD/Brisbane
3Forklift CoursesQLD/Brisbane
1Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Brisbane
2Instructor TrainingQLD/Brisbane
1Taxi LicenceQLD/Brisbane
4Car Licence (C)QLD/Cairns
4Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Cairns
4Forklift CoursesQLD/Cairns
7Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Cairns
1Light Rigid (LR)QLD/Cairns
3Medium Rigid (MR)QLD/Cairns
12Car Licence (C)QLD/Gold Coast
3Crane licence, (check type)QLD/Gold Coast
4Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Gold Coast
2Fork Lift VehiclesQLD/Gold Coast
1Forklift CoursesQLD/Gold Coast
1High PerformanceQLD/Gold Coast
1MotorcycleQLD/Gold Coast
1Multi Combo (MC)QLD/Gold Coast
1Taxi LicenceQLD/Gold Coast
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingQLD/Gympie
1Car Licence (C)QLD/Gympie
1Crane licence, (check type)QLD/Gympie
1Forklift CoursesQLD/Gympie
1Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Gympie
1Medium Rigid (MR)QLD/Gympie
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingQLD/Ipswich
25Car Licence (C)QLD/Ipswich
1Forklift CoursesQLD/Ipswich
1Heavy Combo (HC)QLD/Ipswich
4Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Ipswich
1Medium Rigid (MR)QLD/Ipswich
1Multi Combo (MC)QLD/Ipswich
2Taxi LicenceQLD/Ipswich
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingQLD/Mackay
2Car Licence (C)QLD/Mackay
1Crane licence, (check type)QLD/Mackay
5Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Mackay
1Medium Rigid (MR)QLD/Mackay
3Car Licence (C)QLD/Rockhampton
2Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Rockhampton
4Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Rockhampton
1Car Licence (C)QLD/Roma
5Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Roma
2Car Licence (C)QLD/South Burnett
1Car Licence (C)QLD/Sunshine Coast
1Crane licence, (check type)QLD/Sunshine Coast
1Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Sunshine Coast
1Heavy Combo (HC)QLD/Sunshine Coast
1Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Sunshine Coast
2Instructor TrainingQLD/Sunshine Coast
5Car Licence (C)QLD/Toowoomba
1Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Toowoomba
1Forklift CoursesQLD/Toowoomba
1Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Toowoomba
1Multi Combo (MC)QLD/Toowoomba
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingQLD/Townsville
2Car Licence (C)QLD/Townsville
3Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Townsville
10Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Townsville
1Instructor TrainingQLD/Townsville
1Light Rigid (LR)QLD/Townsville
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingQLD/Wide Bay / Burnett
2Car Licence (C)QLD/Wide Bay / Burnett
1Earth Moving EquipmentQLD/Wide Bay / Burnett
3Heavy Rigid (HR)QLD/Wide Bay / Burnett
1Instructor TrainingQLD/Wide Bay / Burnett
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingSA
3Car Licence (C)SA
2Crane licence, (check type)SA
2Earth Moving EquipmentSA
1Forklift CoursesSA
1Heavy Rigid (HR)SA
1Instructor TrainingSA
5Bus & Coach Authority TrainingSA/Adelaide
4Car Licence (C)SA/Adelaide
6Crane licence, (check type)SA/Adelaide
3Earth Moving EquipmentSA/Adelaide
4Fork Lift VehiclesSA/Adelaide
3Forklift CoursesSA/Adelaide
1Heavy Rigid (HR)SA/Adelaide
1High PerformanceSA/Adelaide
10Instructor TrainingSA/Adelaide
1Medium Rigid (MR)SA/Adelaide
3Multi Combo (MC)SA/Adelaide
6Taxi LicenceSA/Adelaide
4Car Licence (C)SA/Adelaide - Hills District
1Earth Moving EquipmentSA/Adelaide - Hills District
2Forklift CoursesSA/Adelaide - Hills District
1Heavy Rigid (HR)SA/Adelaide - Hills District
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingSA/Barossa Valley
1Car Licence (C)SA/Barossa Valley
1Heavy Combo (HC)SA/Barossa Valley
1Instructor TrainingSA/Barossa Valley
3Medium Rigid (MR)SA/Barossa Valley
1Crane licence, (check type)SA/South East
1Heavy Rigid (HR)SA/South East
1MotorcycleSA/South East
2Car Licence (C)SA/Yorke Penisula
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingTAS
2Car Licence (C)TAS
1Heavy Rigid (HR)TAS
3Car Licence (C)TAS/Hobart
1Car Licence (C)TAS/Launceston
1Heavy Combo (HC)TAS/Launceston
1Car Licence (C)TAS/North West Coast
1Crane licence, (check type)TAS/North West Coast
1Medium Rigid (MR)TAS/North West Coast
4Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC
8Car Licence (C)VIC
5Crane licence, (check type)VIC
2Earth Moving EquipmentVIC
1Fork Lift VehiclesVIC
6Forklift CoursesVIC
1Heavy Combo (HC)VIC
3Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC
1Instructor TrainingVIC
1Light Rigid (LR)VIC
2Medium Rigid (MR)VIC
2Taxi LicenceVIC
1Car Licence (C)VIC/Bairnsdale
2Car Licence (C)VIC/Ballarat
2Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Ballarat
1Forklift CoursesVIC/Ballarat
1Medium Rigid (MR)VIC/Ballarat
1Car Licence (C)VIC/Bendigo
1Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Bendigo
3High PerformanceVIC/Bendigo
1Taxi LicenceVIC/Bendigo
1Car Licence (C)VIC/Geelong
1Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Geelong
1Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Geelong
1Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Geelong
3Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Melbourne
7Car Licence (C)VIC/Melbourne
5Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Melbourne
2Earth Moving EquipmentVIC/Melbourne
4Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Melbourne
24Forklift CoursesVIC/Melbourne
2Heavy Combo (HC)VIC/Melbourne
6Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Melbourne
2High PerformanceVIC/Melbourne
1Instructor TrainingVIC/Melbourne
1Light Rigid (LR)VIC/Melbourne
5Medium Rigid (MR)VIC/Melbourne
2Multi Combo (MC)VIC/Melbourne
1Taxi LicenceVIC/Melbourne
5Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Melbourne - East
31Car Licence (C)VIC/Melbourne - East
3Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Melbourne - East
2Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Melbourne - East
8Forklift CoursesVIC/Melbourne - East
7Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Melbourne - East
1Instructor TrainingVIC/Melbourne - East
3Light Rigid (LR)VIC/Melbourne - East
3Medium Rigid (MR)VIC/Melbourne - East
9MotorcycleVIC/Melbourne - East
2Taxi LicenceVIC/Melbourne - East
1MotorcycleVIC/Melbourne - Hills District
6Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Melbourne - North
6Car Licence (C)VIC/Melbourne - North
6Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Melbourne - North
4Earth Moving EquipmentVIC/Melbourne - North
7Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Melbourne - North
15Forklift CoursesVIC/Melbourne - North
2Heavy Combo (HC)VIC/Melbourne - North
3Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Melbourne - North
1Instructor TrainingVIC/Melbourne - North
5MotorcycleVIC/Melbourne - North
2Taxi LicenceVIC/Melbourne - North
2Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Melbourne - North East
5Car Licence (C)VIC/Melbourne - North East
1Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Melbourne - North East
3Forklift CoursesVIC/Melbourne - North East
1Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Melbourne - North East
1High PerformanceVIC/Melbourne - North East
3MotorcycleVIC/Melbourne - North East
1Taxi LicenceVIC/Melbourne - North East
4Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Melbourne - South
12Car Licence (C)VIC/Melbourne - South
2Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Melbourne - South
1Earth Moving EquipmentVIC/Melbourne - South
2Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Melbourne - South
6Forklift CoursesVIC/Melbourne - South
10Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Melbourne - South
4Instructor TrainingVIC/Melbourne - South
2Medium Rigid (MR)VIC/Melbourne - South
3MotorcycleVIC/Melbourne - South
1Taxi LicenceVIC/Melbourne - South
2Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Melbourne - West
4Car Licence (C)VIC/Melbourne - West
10Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Melbourne - West
1Dangerous GoodsVIC/Melbourne - West
4Earth Moving EquipmentVIC/Melbourne - West
4Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Melbourne - West
13Forklift CoursesVIC/Melbourne - West
6Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Melbourne - West
1Light Rigid (LR)VIC/Melbourne - West
9MotorcycleVIC/Melbourne - West
2Taxi LicenceVIC/Melbourne - West
2Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Mildura
2Car Licence (C)VIC/Mornington
1Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Mornington
1Instructor TrainingVIC/Mornington
1Medium Rigid (MR)VIC/Mornington
4Car Licence (C)VIC/Shepparton
1Crane licence, (check type)VIC/Shepparton
1Fork Lift VehiclesVIC/Shepparton
1Instructor TrainingVIC/Shepparton
2Car Licence (C)VIC/Wangaratta
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingVIC/Warragul
1Car Licence (C)VIC/Warragul
2Car Licence (C)VIC/Warrnambool
1Earth Moving EquipmentVIC/Warrnambool
1Heavy Rigid (HR)VIC/Warrnambool
3Car Licence (C)WA
2Earth Moving EquipmentWA
1Forklift CoursesWA
2Heavy Combo (HC)WA
3Heavy Rigid (HR)WA
1Instructor TrainingWA
1Multi Combo (MC)WA
2Taxi LicenceWA
7Car Licence (C)WA/Central & Eastern
1Dangerous GoodsWA/Central & Eastern
2Forklift CoursesWA/Central & Eastern
13Heavy Rigid (HR)WA/Central & Eastern
1Instructor TrainingWA/Central & Eastern
3MotorcycleWA/Central & Eastern
6Car Licence (C)WA/Great Northern
1Crane licence, (check type)WA/Great Northern
2Forklift CoursesWA/Great Northern
1Heavy Combo (HC)WA/Great Northern
12Heavy Rigid (HR)WA/Great Northern
2Instructor TrainingWA/Great Northern
19Car Licence (C)WA/Perth
6Crane licence, (check type)WA/Perth
9Earth Moving EquipmentWA/Perth
5Forklift CoursesWA/Perth
1Heavy Combo (HC)WA/Perth
12Heavy Rigid (HR)WA/Perth
1Light Rigid (LR)WA/Perth
3Multi Combo (MC)WA/Perth
3Taxi LicenceWA/Perth
1Bus & Coach Authority TrainingWA/South Western
9Car Licence (C)WA/South Western
3Earth Moving EquipmentWA/South Western
1Forklift CoursesWA/South Western
1Heavy Combo (HC)WA/South Western
14Heavy Rigid (HR)WA/South Western
1Instructor TrainingWA/South Western
3Medium Rigid (MR)WA/South Western
1MotorcycleWA/South Western
1Multi Combo (MC)WA/South Western
2Taxi LicenceWA/South Western

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